Linfa provides a framework for statistical learning to the Rust community. As such we provide reference implementations, help others implementing their algorithms, ensuring a quality standard in documentation and providing guidelines with best-practices in context of the Rust language.

A welcoming, friendly and safe environment is very important to use and we are striving to make the community as inclusive and open as possible. The implementation and communication is happening in the open with the possibility for anyone to participate.

Providing knowledge

In the past we could help people in two different ways. If you have knowledge of an algorithm and would like to use Rust as a language, we can help you in the language details. On the other hand, we can also provide you with a paper as a starting point and help you on questions which may come up.

If you happen to belong to the first group, then please reach out on Zulip or open a pull request if you wish for feedback. If you are looking for a topic you can either reach out on Zulip as well, or look into the roadmap and find one which fits your interests.


There are two ways you can reach us: